24/7 Support Number
Toll Free : 1800-1800-444,  Pin: 4444



1. How do I know my reservation was booked?

You will receive an email on confirmation of your booking.

2. Do I need to confirm my reservation?

There is no need to confirm your reservation. If you still feel you would like to verify that your reservation was made, you can do so by writing to our Customer Support Team or by contacting our customer services team.

3. How do I amend a reservation?

To amend a reservation, please contact our customer care.

4. Is there a cancellation policy for Hotels booked?

Cancellation policy largely depend on the hotel and season of the booking. Most of the times the cancellation policy will be provided in the confirmation mail. Please get in touch with us on our customer care number to get the policy for a specific hotel prior to booking it.

5. How do I cancel a hotel reservation?

To amend a hotel reservation, please contact our customer care numbers.

Payment Options

1. What payment options are available on the website?

Currently we accept payments using credit / debit cards only. For offline methods you can call us on the customer care numbers.

2. How do I know that my credit / debit card information is safe on your site?

Our website uses HDFC payment gateway which is a secure gateway and employs top level of security to your credit / debit card information. If you still are not satisfied then you can contact us and we can provide you with alternate payment methods.

3. What Is the Card Verification Number (CVV) on my credit / debit card?

The Security Code is an important new security feature established by credit / debit card companies in an attempt to further reduce the risk of Internet fraud. This number never appears on sales receipts or billing statements and it is only found on the card itself. The cardholder is required to enter the code number at the time of the transaction to verify that the card is in their possession.

4. Where is the Card Verification Number (CVV) located on my credit / debit card?

Visa/MasterCard: Three-digit code after the last four digits of your credit / debit card number on the back of the card within the signature field.

5. Under what name will my purchase be charged on the credit / debit card statement?

Your purchase will be charged under Sheeraz Tours Pvt. Ltd

Trouble Shooting

1. Will my browser’s privacy settings affect my visits on the website?

We have adapted to almost all levels of your browser’s privacy settings, making your experience on the website hassle-free. If you are still facing an issue and doubt that this may be because of the browser’s privacy settings, we recommend that you reset it to default.

2. Why can I still see outdated packages and offers on the website?

If you see something that is well past its expiry date, clear your browser cache to get rid of the outdated parts. Incase the data is still available on the website, we request you to report such data using the customer care numbers of by filling up the contact us form.

3. Why does the website seem slow?

We have done our best to optimise the functioning of the website so that you may have an excellent browsing and buying experience. However, if you still feel that the website is a little slow, please check your internet connection or contact your Internet Service Provider.

4. Which browser should I use to access the website?

Our website is accessible on all commonly used browsers. Visit us on IE (version 7 or later), Mozilla Firefox (version 4.0 or later), Chrome, Safari (version 4.0 or later) and Opera (version 10.0 or later)

5. Help! The booking failed when I was making a payment. But the amount has still been charged to my account. What should I do?

While failed bookings are unlikely, we regret if you have had to face any inconvenience. Booking flight tickets is subject to the inventory. If, due to any reason, you took too long to make the payment, it is possible that the chosen product was sold to someone else. Hence, in rare cases, the amount may get charged to your account on confirmation of the allotment. Please speak to our customer care to continue with your booking or to initiate a refund process.

6. Does the website track using cookies?

No, we respect our users’ privacy and do not track any personal information from your system. However, we do use session cookies when you log in to the affiliates section of the website. These cookies do not track any other personal information.